Dental Technology

Our Dental office is using the latest technology

to provide the best possible
care to our patients.

Our ergonomically designed dental chairs will make you feel comfortable
while we address your dental needs.  Our dental chairs are made in Germany and meet every standard of ergonomics to make ensure you are
most comfortable during your treatment.

Digital x-rays – Although it resembles the film used for traditional dental X-
rays, the digital sensor is electronic and connected to a computer. Once the
X-ray is taken, the image is projected onto a screen for your dentist to view.
It uses very low radiation and is highly effective as a diagnostic tool.

CariVu- While dental X-rays emit low amounts of radiation and every
precaution is taken to protect patients from exposure, some dental patients
may still put off dental X-rays for safety reasons. CariVu is a
transilluminating Intra-oral Caries Detection with ZERO radiation. It is ideal
for children, pregnant women and patients who are X-ray averse.

Planmeca ProOne Panoramic X-Ray unit- we are using the latest
panoramic x-ray unit that has the lowest radiation in the world among other
panoramic x-ray units.  Planmeca ProOne Reddot was a design award
winner in 2008 and 2009.

The Wand – Computer Assisted Anesthesia System. If you have a fear of
needles freezing with the Wand technology is the solution for you. The
Wand greatly reduces anxiety.  It is significantly more comfortable than a
syringe. Please let us know if you would prefer the Wand to traditional

EndoVac - Root Canal treatment success is not due to a single factor but
relates to three aspects of treatment, namely, instrumentation, disinfection
and obturation (filling the canal).  The instruments we use to prepare the
canal, be those handheld or mechanical, are unable to reach all aspects of
the canal system. Irrigation (washing of the canal) is key to cleaning and
disinfecting those areas that the instruments cannot reach. Due to its apical
negative pressure the EndoVac is the only irrigation system able to more
thoroughly remove the micro debris from the apical constriction (the end of
the root), thereby providing a better environment to be filled with sealer.
Studies have shown that using the EndoVac compared with needle
irrigation improves outcomes of root canal treatment.